“How to” The Instagram Brow

Hi Everyone,

So some people like “the Instagram brow”, not everyone of course, but a defined dark brow is most peoples favourite. So I’m going to run through the stages of how to get a sharp, defined brow.


What I use:

Eylure brow palette in Dark Brown,

Angled brush & brow brush in 1 from Eylure,

Maybelline Brow Drama in Dark Brown,

Collection Concealer in Fair

Flat shadow brush.


First off, take a clean brow. Then with your angled brush take a small amount of product with the wax/gel & draw a line under the first half of your brow & take it down to the tail of the brow to make a sharp point, without adding anymore product, pull the line you have just drawn at the front, up towards to top of your brow, this will blend the product in the front without making it look box-y. Next take another small amount of product on the top of you brow to make the arch, bring that line down to meet the tail of the brow, then fill in the centre.


I then apply a brow gel, I’ve used Maybelline Brow Drama in Dark Brown, this will set the brow so the hairs don’t stray throughout the day. After this I take the concealer under the front of the brow to the arch & down past the tail, I use my flat brush to blend all this in & then I am ready to apply my shadow.

Thanks for reading, hope this helps!

Love Lauren x

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