Winged Liner

Hi Everyone,

I’m going to give you the run through on how I do my “cat flick” winged eyeliner.

The liner I use is ELF’s liquid liner, you can get it from  – it is my absolute favourite eyeliner & I dont really like using anything else.

First I start with either my bare eye with just foundation or my full shadow look. I start by first drawing a line from the inner corner to the outer corner, do this as thick as you wish. *Remember if your applying false eyelashes you will want to do it abit thicker as the lash band will cover some of the liner.  Next I draw a liner from the outer corner towards the tail of your brow.


So while your now looking a little crazy the next step is where it starts to come together, your going to take your liner brush & draw a line, about a centimetre from the end of the line you have just drawn, connecting to the centre of you lid, pulling the brush inwards, *Remember practice makes perfect!!! Once you have done these steps all you should need to do is fill in the little triangle & tidy up the inner corner so it looks perfect (or as perfect as you can get it)

**Now repeat on the other eye, please remember practice makes perfect & never be disheartened.  Makeup is all about trial & error**

Hope this helps & you enjoyed reading it!

Love Lauren x

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