Blown Out Smokes

Hi Everyone!

In this post I’m going to run down step by step what I did to create this blue blown out smoke, including products, brushes & technique.  This is my first actual blog post on “How to” makeup, I hope you enjoy reading it & I would love some constructive feedback on how you think I could make it better.  Anyway on to the fun stuff.

First of you will need:

blown out smokes equitment

Mac shadows in; Brule & Kid, Urban Decays Alice in Wonderland palette, Mac ‘Vanilla’ Pigment, Peaches & Cream ‘Prin’ Pigment, Mac Mascara, Elf Liquid Liner, Collection Concealer in Fair, Duo Lash Glue, PrimaLash lashes in Jasmine.  The brushes I have used are a fluffy blending brush & a flat shader brush. (peaches & cream)

Before I start anything I would apply my brows, if you want to check out how I do my brows click HERE.


First off I started of by applying Collection concealer in Fair for my eyeshadow base, I used my flat brush for this, I set this using Brule shadow from Mac with my fluffy brush (any bone coloured shadow will work for this) still using my fluffy brush I then took Mac Kid into the crease (a warm brown shade) I used this as a transition shade, I then take Metamorphis from the Alice Palette, I blend this using a sweeping motion from the outside third of the eye to the inside corner, I use little product and build up (we can always add more, but we cant take it away!) Next I used my flat brush with more concealer & took this over the lid up & stop just under your brow arch.


After this, I took Peaches & Cream “prin” pigment over where we have placed the concealer, I pressed small amounts onto the skin until I felt it looked as glittery as I wanted, I cleaned off my flat brush with a makeup wipe & used the same brush. Again using my flat brush, I took MAC “Vanilla” pigment onto the brow bone for a highlight, sweeping small amounts just under the brow.  I then decided to get “Freeze” from Urban Decays Vice 3 palette, I don’t think this is available anymore, but a light shimmer blue shadow will work.  I blended this just over where we placed “Metamorphis” & then used “Bandersnatch” from the Alice Palette, under the bottom lash line.


The next step is to create a winged liner, check out my post on winged liner HERE & then come back to this post to finish off your look!

After we have created a wing, we want to apply some mascara, I used MAC’s but any mascara will do as long as it’s black to match your false lashes.  I then applied a thin layer of glue to my lashes & left them to go tacky for about 30 seconds to a minute.  When tacky place your lashes on in the centre first then move the ends into place.

Once you have placed your lashes, use a face wipe to clean up any fallout that is on your face & apply your face makeup as you would, or go follow my foundation routine HERE.


Thanks for reading guys & I hope this was helpful!

Love Lauren x

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